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Powerful Lightbar Illumination and professional-grade features define the Lightbar PRO. Lightbar PRO puts you in complete control of your illumination thanks to its 500 Lumen output, Spotlight mode, Lightbar Ecosystem compatibility, and exclusive Lightbar Red mode that enable you to see and be seen on your next adventure. And with Lightbar's low-profile no-bounce design and balanced weight distribution, you can wear your Lightbar for hours on end with maximum comfort.

    • All-day (night) comfort
    • Max output 500 lumens
    • Exclusive Lightbar Red mode
    • Lightbar Ecosystem compatible
    • Dimmable red, white, & spotlight modes
    • Intuitive 2 button interface with Easy On/OFF
    • 35 hours LOW, 5 hours HIGH, 20 hours reserve
    • 3000 mAh li-ion battery recharges via USB cable (included)
    • Headband width 1" adjustable 11"-25.5" comfortably stretches to 36+"
    • Spotlight mode
    • 3 Setting battery meter
    • Night vision
    • IPX4 waterproof rating
    • Weight: 148g
    • Battery weight: 76g

    What's in the Box:

    • 1 x Pro Headlamp (Headband + Pro Strip + 3000 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery pack)
    • 1 x USB-A to 4 pin charging cable
    • LIGHTBAR MODE (LUMENS):500 (HI) / 250 (MED) / 50 (LO)
    • SPOTLIGHT MODE (LUMENS):150 (HI) / 70 (LO)
    • LIGHTBAR RED (LUMENS):30 (HI) / 15 (LO)
    • BATTERY:3000 mAh, 3.7 V Li-ion, USB Rechargeable
    • INPUTS:4 Pin to USB rechargeable cable 
    • IN THE BOX: USB charging cable
    • BURN TIME (HOURS): 35 LO / 5 HI
    • WEIGHT: 5.2 oz (148g)
    • Headlamp Tech Specs and More Information

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    Power that will last all night or all shift

    up to 35 hours of power per charge

    Our batteries were designed to outlast even the most grueling adventures. Enjoy 35 hours on the LOW setting, 20 hours on the reserve setting and an astonishing 5 hours on HIGH that outputs 500 lumens!

    Do you have an activity that requires even more power? Easily swap out batteries to double the fun and keep the adventure going strong. You'll never be limited by daylight or battery life again.

    The 3000 mAh li-ion rechargeable battery quickly recharges via USB cable.

    IPX4 waterproof rating

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    Advanced Red Light Night Vision Technology

    Be invisible to bugs & animals at night

    Enjoyable your outdoor experience at night without the bugs. The red light mode is designed to deter insects, making your camping and night activities more peaceful. It's perfect for nature lovers and photographers, as it allows you to observe and capture wildlife discreetly without disturbing their natural behavior.

    For photographers, this headlamp is a game-changer. The red light reduces glare and reflections in night photography, preserving the natural scene's ambiance.

    It also helps maintain your night vision, aiding in camera adjustments and navigation in low-light conditions without dilating your pupils making it hard to see once the lights are off like traditional spotlight headlamps.

    easy battery swap
    easy to clean
    compatible with helmets and hardhats (and belts)


    The Lightbar Pro is rated IPX4 which means it can be used in the rain but we would not recommend extended use in a downpour. Do not submerge.

    Natural White (3500 K)

    Yes, the Lightbar Pro headband is easily adjustable for a wide range of sizes, that should fit most kids or adults.Headband width 1" adjustable 11"-25.5" comfortably stretches to 36+".

    The Lightbar pro headband can be easily separated from the battery pack and Lightbar strip and washed in a washing machine on a delicate setting. Air dry, do not put in the dryer.

    The Lightbar Pro headband can be adjusted to fit most hard hats and depending on your hard hat design can be used with hard hat clips. For the best experience using your Lightbar with a hard hat, we recommend using the Lightbar pro with our available Hard Hat compatible headband.

    Yes, all of our battery packs, including our AAA battery pack, are compatible with the Pro model. In fact, any of our battery packs can be used with any of our Lightbar L.E.D. strips.

    • Increased Night Vision
    • Bugs can't see it
    • Animals are less likely to spook 
    • More battery life

    Approximately 4 hours.

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